Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an authorized organization that conducts safety checks on certain risk-bearing products in accordance with specific UL standards. Based on the safety checks, the organization decides whether to approve and certify a product as “safe.” It also provides permanent affixed markings and labelings used on such products. These labels may only be created by a UL approved label printer.

UL-approved labels indicate that a product label has undergone and passed several tests, thereby earning a safety certification. These labels can also display cautions, electrical ratings, installation information, and other safety-related information. Therefore, UL-approved labels can significantly enhance the value of a product, declaring it safe to use and durable. Thus, they can be valuable sales and marketing tools.

Whether you’re in the household appliances or lighting industry; you need UL-approved labels to showcase the durability and safety of your products. However, merely getting a UL certification is not enough, you also need a UL-approved label printer to ensure the certification is displayed on your product clearly and correctly.

What Products Need UL Labels?

UL labels are most commonly required for electronic devices (such as computer equipment, household appliances, and lighting equipment), fire safety products (furnaces, heaters, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors), office furniture with electrical outlets, control boxes, and hazardous substances.

While Federal law does not mandate products across categories mentioned above to get UL approval, modern-day insurance companies demand it to insure a new product. This is in view of the growing demand for safety checks across risk-bearing products. Moreover, UL certification helps businesses innovate their safety standards and align themselves with industry-wide best practices. The UL certification also illustrates a businesses’ dedication to the safety of consumers and the quality of their products.

Types of UL Label Certifications

  • UL Listed: Product passes all of UL’s requirements under the applicable standard.
  • UL Classified: Product has only been evaluated for specific properties, with regard to a limited range of hazards, or for use under certain conditions.

What Is a UL-Approved Label Printer?

UL gives authority to a database of label suppliers to print UL labels. Only printers given the “Authorized Supplier” recognition can reproduce and print UL marks.

UL labels need to be extremely durable, lasting the product’s lifetime. Durable UL labels can easily endure heat, humidity, scratches, weathering, exposure to oil, and wear and tear. A UL-approved label printer will thoroughly inspect a label’s durability by conducting a series of tests related to adhesion, ink permanence, material quality, and so on.

The stringent examination process also takes into account the ability of a label to adhere to an application surface without crazing, shrinking, curling, and loosening more than 10% of the label’s surface area. Furthermore, the label must also follow the norm to strictly stay within a fixed radius (0.2 inches) of its original position. Such an elaborate process calls for the expertise of authorized companies. UL-approved printers must put the labels to such rigorous testing to have the safety information available for the end-users to read permanently.

Where Can You Find a UL-Approved Label Printer?

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