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Work with our expert team to streamline production, consolidate suppliers, and create unmatched label products.


DRG Technologies offers a complete portfolio of advanced, custom-designed label products to help you meet the most demanding requirements. Products include durable UL labels, insert cards and tags, packaging and specialty labels, security and tamper-evident solutions, RPC labels, and more. Find your next label solution at DRG.


DRG Technologies provides value-added label solutions and other services to maximize your productivity and extend your reach. Our extensive equipment enables us to consolidate your suppliers, and our logistics capabilities and vendor-managed inventory ensures your products and supplies are managed accurately and precisely at all times.


Headquartered in Arizona with sales and logistics facilities in Mexico, DRG Technologies is a leading custom label manufacturer committed to solving clients’ greatest challenges. We identify solutions to help our clients streamline production, reduce costs, consolidate suppliers, and deliver strong products. Learn more about our team, history, and philosophy.


Explore informative resources from DRG Technologies’ industry partners such as 3M and Avery Dennison as well as success stories to learn how we maximize results in our custom label programs for organizations of multiple sizes and industries. Get the information you need for decision-making now.

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Custom packaging labels offer great value, but choosing the right partner can provide even greater value by reducing costs, streamlining production, and creating unmatched labels.

Durable Labels Are Designed for the Long Haul

Durable Labels by DRG ensure your branding and safety information remain available no matter the environment they are faced with.


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