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Explore Custom Labels for Your Market

DRG Technologies has over 30 years of experience creating custom labels for various industries. With our headquarters located in Safford, Arizona and two sales and logistics facilities in Mexico, we serve customers across North America.

We are a private, family-owned company under second-generation ownership, meaning we can operate with greater flexibility to give you the best quality product. When you work with us, you get access to our extensive equipment, product solutions, and a team committed to solving your most significant supply chain challenges. Learn more about the industries we serve below or contact our team with questions.

custom labels


From identification and instructional labels, to warning labels, and more, DRG Technologies can service your aerospace labeling needs.


Automotive labels must stand up to extreme heat, cold, moisture, UV rays, and more. Learn how we make the longest-lasting solutions here.


Beverage labels play an important role in selling your product. Learn about how we can help you create the perfect beverage labels for your brand.


When you need custom cannabis labels, turn to DRG Technologies. We can help you navigate the confusing label regulations and determine the best fit for your product.

Consumer Product

Consumer product labels must be eye-catching while ensuring consumer safety. Learn how we can help you create the optimal labels for your organization.

Durable Goods and Equipment

Appliances, water heaters, filtration systems, and other equipment need lasting labels. We’ll help you find the right combination of material, adhesive, and ink to create the most durable label for your application.


From printed circuit board (PCB) labels, compliance labels, and more, DRG Technologies has you covered.


The right custom food labels can have a huge impact on your business. Learn how we can help you create the optimal labels for your organization.

Health & Beauty

Expanded content labels allow you to convey detailed product information, protecting your consumers and your business from harm. These labels attach directly to the product and unfold to reveal important information. With this option, you free up more space on your label for branding purposes, positively impacting your brand awareness and bottom line.


Our experienced team will help you create the perfect, long-lasting label for your manufacturing operation.

Medical Devices

Medical devices must have the most accurate labels to ensure end-user and patient safety. Learn about our solutions here.