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Convey In-depth Information with Expanded Content Labels

Complex products may be dangerous if handled or used incorrectly. Expanded content labels allow you to convey more detailed product information, protecting your consumers and your business from harm. Learn more about our offerings below or contact one of our helpful team members for more information.

expanded content labels

Our Custom Expanded Content Labels

DRG Technologies’ labels attach directly to the product and unfold to reveal important information. This content may pertain to regulatory requirements, multilingual text, safety information, and more. With this label option, you free up more space on your label for branding purposes, positively impacting your brand awareness and bottom line.

Common Applications for Expanded Content Labels


Our labels adhere to medication bottles and other medical equipment to convey important safety information to the consumer.


Complex chemicals require detailed directions to avoid accidental harm to the consumer. Our labels allow you to communicate this necessary information without sacrificing branding space.

Health and Beauty

Communicating ingredients, usage directions, and other consumer information can take up vital branding space. These labels allow you to comply with health and beauty regulations while effectively promoting your brand.

Discover Other Possibilities

Expanded content labels can be used in various industries. Contact us to see how we can help with your custom application.

Work with DRG Technologies for Your Labeling Needs

When you need labels that last, contact DRG Technologies. We are a family-owned leading label products and solutions manufacturer headquartered in Safford, Arizona. With over 30 years of experience and two sales and logistics facilities in Mexico, we’re ready to create high-quality labels for companies across North America.

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