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3M — a preferred DRG partner

Labels need to last a long time so they keep providing customers with vital messaging through scorching sun, bitter cold, harsh chemical environments, and more. At 3M, world-class experts work with industry-leading converters like DRG to solve evolving marketplace challenges from design to production, then deliver innovative solutions that perform with different print methods, substrates and ink systems. 3M also offers a variety of innovative adhesive transfer tapes that DRG uses to create custom configurations that are presented in the ready-for-manufacturing format that customers need.

3M: Tapes for Membrane Switches

Membrane switches engineered with 3M Acrylic Adhesives measure up to the most demanding standards.

3M: Acrylic Adhesive 200MP

Tapes with this adhesive will bond to commonly-used substrates like metals and high-surface energy plastics.

3M: Tamper Evident Durable Labels

Security against tampering, fraud, counterfeiting, and theft.

3M: Removable Durable Labels

Removable durable label materials for temporary labeling or protection of glass, plastics, metal, and more.

3M: Durable Label Products

Pick your adhesive. Pick your facestock. Pick your liner. 3M puts it all together and gets it to you fast.

3M: Versatile Print Label Material

Streamline your workflows for barcodes, variable data, brand-matched colors, and more.

Avery Dennison — a preferred DRG partner

Labeling solutions from Avery Dennison deliver best-in-class performance in harsh environments, on hard-to-label surfaces, and for a range of challenging applications. Avery Dennison’s portfolio of labels for durable goods is backed by decades of innovation, supported by technical experts, and used by DRG to meet the demands of customers in an ever-evolving industry. Avery Dennison works closely with DRG to provide solutions ready to support any application with an available material or custom product developed by our Engineered Solutions team and tested by our Global Client Service Lab.

Avery-Dennison: Cable Label Portfolio

With cables, reliable part identification and branding depend on good printability — usually with thermal transfer printers and ribbons.

Avery-Dennison: Customer-Ready™ Durables Portfolio

The Avery Dennison Customer-Ready™ Durables Portfolio is a select group of UL®/CSA-recognized material solutions that simplify servicing the durables market.

FLEXcon — a preferred DRG partner

The right labeling solution for the right application. With more than 60 years of industry experience, FLEXcon has solved the most demanding of challenges. Our team of experienced advisors work closely with strategic partners, such as DRG, to ensure customer expectations are met and exceeded. With the widest portfolio of coated & laminated films / adhesives in the market, FLEXcon/DRG have the ideal solution for most applications — and when we don’t, we’ll customize one to meet the demands of the customer.

FLEXcon: Bonding & Mounting Guide

Our FLEXmount® acrylic adhesives and FLEXcon SA Series of silicone adhesives offer solutions for a variety of application challenges.

FLEXcon: Medical Device Labeling Solutions

FLEXcon® MedFLEX®: Meet the FDA’s new requirements for Unique Device Identification (UDI).

FLEXcon: Products for Package Decoration

Featuring V-01 Permanent Acrylic Adhesive, optiFLEX® products, THINflex® products, and more.

FLEXcon: Products for Pharmaceutical Labeling

See our pharmaceutical labeling products’ film type, sterilization method, peel adhesion (oz/in), and more.

FLEXcon: THERMLfilm® HT for Printed Circuit Board Labeling

1 or 2 mil polyimide endures printed circuit board cleaning environments; durable thermal transfer printable topcoats.

FLEXcon: THERMLfilm® NEXgen Products UL Guide

See some of our UL recognized products’ (MH16635) application surfaces, master widths, and availability of same day shipment.

Polyonics — a preferred DRG partner

Polyonics manufactures innovative coated materials and adhesives for the harshest environments. Polyonics products are used worldwide for thermal transfer printable labels, tags, engineered tapes, thermal interface materials, laser markable labels, and flexible substrates, and are used in many industries, including electronics, metals processing, automotive, and aerospace.

Polyonics: Engineered Tapes

Polyonics® engineered tapes are designed with high-performance polymer technology to help you manage extreme static charge, high temperatures, and other harsh environments.

Polyonics: High Performance PCB Labels

Polyonics® understands the intricacies of PCB manufacturing and designs and manufactures label materials specifically for these harsh environments.

Polyonics: ESD-Safe Labels & Tags

The Polyonics® family of ESD-Safe polyimide and polyester label materials are designed to help protect your most sensitive devices from electrostatic charges.

Polyonics: ESD Plus Labels

Polyonics® ESD Plus polyimide labels are chemically engineered with a highly-durable top surface and the dual protection of a low-charging label peel and a static dissipative face.

Polyonics: Flame Retardant Labels

Polyonics® continues to set the standard for thermal transfer printable flame-retardant label materials.

Polyonics: ESD Control Plans in PCB Assembly

Printed circuit board (PCB) designs are calling for more layers of circuitry and components, making the manufacture and assembly of PCBs increasingly challenging.