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Ensure Safety with High-Quality IFUs, Instruction Sheets, and Instruction Manuals

Instructions for Use (IFUs), instruction manuals, and instruction sheets are imperative to ensuring your employees and customers know how to safely use equipment. Typically, these documents include basic “how to” information as well as pages of warnings, cautions, or other specific information like troubleshooting directions and maintenance instructions. Depending on what kind of product you’re offering, regulations for what needs to be included will change. As these documents can be long, it’s best to outsource their printing to a third-party. Learn how we can help you create the perfect solution below, or reach out to our team with questions.


Our IFU, Instruction Sheet, and Instruction Manual Services

As a manufacturer, you’re required to supply accurate and detailed IFUs, instruction sheets, or instruction manuals with your product to ensure consumer and employee safety. These can be offered in a variety of ways, including leaflets, pamphlets, manuals, or directly imprinted on the product. The experts at DRG Technologies will help you understand your options, design a solution, and manufacture the end result.

Various Industries Require Accurate Instructions


The FDA has certain requirements for IFUs pertaining to medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Consumer Products

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulates a large number of consumer products and requires many of them to include certain user instructions.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment must pass specific test methods to ensure safety, as well as include necessary instructions so employees can wear them correctly.

Other Industries

There’s a wide range of industries that require accurate instructions for certain products. If you’re unsure about the requirements for your product, reach out to the experts at DRG Technologies. We can help guide you through the process.

Trust DRG with Your IFUs, Instruction Sheets, and Manuals

DRG has decades of experience creating long-lasting, high-quality IFUs, instruction sheets, and manuals for various industries. We are a leading label products and solutions provider that services organizations across North America. Our team is ready to help you understand your options and start manufacturing your products quickly.

When you work with us, you get access to an experienced team, extensive equipment, and our commitment to providing the highest quality customer support. We constantly work to reduce costs and keep your supply chain running smoothly. We offer vendor managed and just-in-time inventory services, which can help create a world-class supply chain for your operation.

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