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Prioritize Convenience and Safety with Printed Circuit Board and High Temperature Labels

High temperature labels are perfect for tracking components through harsh production and manufacturing processes. They’re also the best solution for identifying electronic components that are exposed to high temperatures over long periods of time — like printed circuit boards. Learn more about our solutions below, or reach out to our team with questions.

high temperature labels

Our Custom High Temperature Labels and Their Uses

High temperature labels will have different properties depending on the combination of label material and adhesive. With decades of experience under our belt, we’ll guide you to the best kind of high temperature label for your specific application. We can create them in any shape or size and offer various finishes to suit your specifications.

High Temperature Manufacturing

Keep labels intact on tools and products that are used in high temperature manufacturing processes. This can help increase the efficiency and safety of your workplace.

Outdoor Equipment Labels

Ensure logos and warning labels stay pristine on outdoor equipment, protecting the safety of your organization and customers.

Printed Circuit Board Identification

Printed circuit boards are routinely exposed to high temperatures, and labels need to withstand these conditions as well. High temperature labels ensure your printed circuit boards can be accurately identified and tracked throughout their lifespan.

Talk to DRG About Other Applications

There are many more ways you can use high temperature labels within your organization. Talk to the experts at DRG to see what kind of label is right for you.

Why Work with DRG?

At DRG Technologies, we have decades of experience matching organizations to the perfect labels for their applications. We continuously provide labels that clearly communicate essential information and immediately grab customer attention. As a leading label provider, we’re able to service organizations all over the United States. We’re also a UL-approved label supplier, should your products need the UL mark.

We’re also dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, and constantly work to reduce costs and keep your supply chain running smoothly. We offer vendor managed and just-in-time inventory services, which can help create a world-class supply chain for your operation.

Let’s Make Something Great Together

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