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Streamline Operations and Ensure Safety with Durable Identification Labels

Identification labels are a key component to distinguish components from one another, whether for use within your organization or by a consumer. Identification labels can vary from industry to industry and come in a variety of face stocks, depending on the environment they’re exposed to. Learn more about our solutions below, or reach out to our team with questions.


Our Custom Labels and Their Uses

When you’re creating custom identification labels, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. Will the label be exposed to outdoor weather conditions? What about chemicals or UV rays? These answers will determine the best face stock and adhesive combination to ensure your labels last. The experts at DRG Technologies help you navigate this decision and suggest the best labels for your specific application.

Medical Labels

Medical labels provide crucial information for patients and healthcare providers. Accurate information is important in this industry, and it’s imperative that medical labels are designed with the highest standards of health and safety in mind.

Consumer Product Labels

Many consumer products have various components that need identification, especially if the product requires at-home setup. These labels can also convey important safety information.

Industrial Labels

Industrial labels are used to identify various components within a job site and give important safety information to employees.

Other Uses

There are many different applications for identification labels. Talk with the experts at DRG Technologies for insight into labels for your specific use.

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When you need identification labels that will last, trust DRG Technologies. We are a family-owned leading label products and solutions manufacturer serving companies throughout North America. When you work with us, you’ll get access to a team with decades of experience, extensive equipment, product solutions, and our commitment to solving our customers’ greatest supply chain challenges. We are also a UL-approved label supplier, should your label need the UL mark.

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