Custom Printed Cannabis Labels Take Your Product to New Heights

Many states have varying regulations when it comes to cannabis labels. These differing rules can be confusing, especially if you plan to sell products in multiple states. Working with an experienced label maker ensures your cannabis labels meet the correct regulations and capture consumer attention. Learn more about our capabilities below or reach out to one of our helpful team members for more information.

cannabis labels

Design Custom Labels for Any Cannabis Product

At DRG Technologies, we’ll work with you to design a custom label suited to your product. We have various materials, adhesives, and inks available to provide a long-lasting, attractive label that entices your target audience.

Dispensary Labels

Dispensary label design can dramatically impact consumer spending. And, with the market expanding rapidly, your design needs to stand out amongst competitors. The experts at DRG Technologies can help you create the best label that may help boost sales.

Medical Marijuana Labels

You must comply with strict state regulations for medical marijuana labels, which vary depending on your location. We can help you navigate this confusing space and determine which label is suitable for your operation.

Cannabis Oil and Lotion Labels

Depending on how you package your oil and lotion, you may need a label that wraps around the entire bottle. Or, you may opt for a one-sided label with an additional one on top. We’ll help you size your labels and ensure you get the right fit for your packaging.

Edible and Tincture Bottle Labels

For some bottles — like edible and tincture packaging — you might opt for two smaller labels. Or, you may prefer a single wraparound label. No matter what you decide, we’ll help design and manufacture it.

Create the Perfect Label with DRG Technologies

We’re ready to understand your needs and match your product with the perfect label. For over 30 years, we’ve helped organizations across North America create durable, reliable, and accurate labels for various industries.

Every day, our team works to identify industry-leading solutions that help our partners streamline their production, reduce costs, consolidate supplier bases, and deliver effective products. Our production facilities feature extensive equipment, innovative product solutions, and a team committed to solving our customers’ most significant supply chain challenges.

Contact us today to start designing your custom cannabis labels.