Boost Your Brand with Long-Lasting Automotive Labels

Whether you’re a tier 1 supplier, aftermarket distributor, or another automotive professional, you know the importance of long-lasting automotive labels. Using the right label can help boost brand awareness, ensure consistent branding, and encourage clear communication. However, some stock labels just don’t stand up to wear and tear. That’s where custom automotive labels come in. Learn about DRG’s custom labeling solutions below or reach out to our team with questions.

automotive labels

Increase Your ROI with Custom Automotive Labels

When it comes to automotive labels, they need to stand up to even the harshest of environments. Extreme heat, cold, moisture, UV rays, and more can quickly degrade the wrong label. When you work with DRG Technologies, we’ll help you come up with the right combination of adhesive, material, and ink to ensure your labels last.

Polyurethane Dome Labels

If you’re looking for an extra pop, polyurethane dome labels are the way to go. These give your decal a high-end look people are sure to notice.

Asset Labels

Need to label specific parts? We can help you design and print labels with unique serial numbers or barcodes.

Warning Labels

Warning labels must last for years to ensure customer safety. Our team can help you come up with a long-lasting solution to protect consumers and your brand.

Discover More Possibilities

Have something else in mind for your labels? Reach out to our team to make it happen.

Why Work with DRG Technologies for Your Automotive Labels?

A UL-approved label supplier, DRG Technologies is a leading label products and solutions manufacturer headquartered in Safford, Arizona. With extensive experience and two manufacturing facilities in Mexico, we supply labels to companies across North America.

We have over 30 years of experience creating the longest-lasting labels on the market. Every day, our team is hard at work identifying industry-leading solutions that help our partners streamline their production, reduce costs, consolidate supplier bases, and deliver more effective products.

No matter your need, we’re ready to help you create the best label solution. Contact our team to get started.