Protect Your Customers and Reputation With These Labels

Each year, $2 trillion worth of counterfeit goods are sold to consumers. Not only can counterfeit goods potentially harm consumers, but they can also damage your brand’s reputation. The great news? You can avoid counterfeit issues by investing in retail security bulk custom labels.

These solutions may include holographic labels, tamper-evident labels, and more. In each case, these labels give your product a unique look that’s hard to replicate. This makes it easier to spot fakes, protecting your consumers and your reputation. Let’s take a closer look at each type of label and figure out what’s right for your business.

Types of Bulk Custom Labels for Retail Security

Holographic Labels

Holographic labels incorporate holographic elements that are difficult to replicate. They display a three-dimensional image on a flat surface, which both captures consumer attention and promotes product safety. Because holographic labels are so hard to replicate, they discourage counterfeits, making them a great deterrent against forgery. These labels are commonly used on everything from cosmetics to electronic products.

Tamper-Evident Labels

Using tamper-evident labels can safeguard your products and benefit your bottom line. In fact, 31% of consumers are willing to pay a premium for products with tamper-proof features.

As the name suggests, tamper-evident labels are designed to show when a product may have been tampered with. Examples include broken seals or labels with intricate patterns that make it obvious when someone has attempted to tamper with the product. These kinds of labels are commonly used on food and beverage products, cosmetics, and even automotive products.


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) labels are smart labels that incorporate small electronic components to wirelessly store and transmit data. Each label contains a unique identifier, allowing them to be scanned by RFID or NFC readers.

These labels are popular because manufacturers and retailers can verify authenticity, detect tampering, and monitor product movement in real-time. They may be used on a variety of products, including clothing, electronics, cosmetics, and other consumer goods.

Security Printing Labels

Security printing labels involve specialized printing techniques and features aimed at enhancing the security and authenticity of the products they are affixed to. These labels may include one or more of the following options:

  • Microprinting: This involves printing extremely small text or patterns that are difficult to replicate with standard printing equipment. This text or pattern serves as a covert authentication feature.
  • UV printing: With this printing process, you can include hidden images, text, or patterns that are only visible under UV light.
  • Color-shifting inks: Using color-shifting inks, you can create a dynamic visual effect that’s difficult to reproduce.

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