Custom product labels expand creativity, deliver brand consistency, and provide clear communication

Do you need custom product labels? Deciding whether custom labels are suitable for you depends on many factors, including your purpose, style of label, and budget. Finding a stock label that fits your needs can be challenging. Remember, labels are usually your customer’s first point of contact with your product, so having custom labels printed professionally can be a wise investment.

Typically, stock labels are blank labels you print yourself, or they may be stickers that contain generic content such as shipping labels (fragile, this end up, etc.). Custom labels are designed and printed for your specific needs and are not only customized for content but also for size, liner, face stock, and adhesive. Customization creates endless possibilities to have your labels stand out. Working with an experienced label maker can even allow you to improve your current labels to find more competitive pricing.

At DRG Technologies, we have worked hard to become a leading supplier of high-quality custom product labels. We will work closely with you as an extension of your organization to ensure you have a solution that fits your needs and budget. Click here to speak to one of our team members.

Why Custom Product Labels

Custom product labels are used by many industries, including durable goods manufacturers, automotive, electronics, food & beverages, and any product that needs identification or to convey information to the end-user. There are many benefits to using custom product labels, including having the freedom to be as creative as you’d like, maintaining your brand equity through consistency, and providing a means for clear communication.

Creative Freedom

You want your products to stand out on a retail shelf full of products. A customer’s first impression of your product will come from your label. A unique label can help you establish the authenticity of your company and create a long-lasting good impression of your product. A high-quality label will be perceived as a high-quality product and vice versa. Poor quality labels that don’t have crisp graphics and typography or are peeling away from the product will create the perception that your product is also low quality.

Customized labels can be cut to size or on a roll, and they can be sized to fit any automated labeling equipment you may have. The versatility of materials ensures you receive labels that work for your product. For example, certain products, such as those that may be outside or refrigerated, may need an all-temperature adhesive or face stock that can withstand moisture. Custom labels also allow the label to be cut into any shape to fit your product perfectly.

Graphically, depending on the type of printing, colors can be one to an infinite range through color mixing. Working with a reputable label manufacturer is critical to ensure your colors are spot on and consistent from run to run.

Consistent Branding

Product branding is a critical component of a company’s growth. Having your product or family of products recognized easily builds trust between your customers and your brand. By customizing your product labels, you can choose the optimal colors, packaging, typography, and graphics that will appeal to your target market. The colors you choose can be essential for brand awareness and influence customer emotions and behavior. When you choose custom labels printed by an experienced provider, you can be confident that the color and styles will match your branding perfectly and convey the right message to your target customers.

Clear Communication

Custom labels provide a way to convey information about your product and company to the end-user. Some regulations require specific information on labels (e.g., for food, chemicals, insecticides), so it is critical that the information is readily available and legible throughout the life of the product. Working with an experienced label manufacturer will ensure your label stands up to whatever it encounters and will remain legible.

Working With a Leading Custom Product Label Supplier

When you work with an experienced labels manufacturer, you can be assured the labels will be high quality and competitively priced.

DRG Technologies stays on the leading edge of print quality through heavy investment in flexographic printers, allowing us to print the most delicate lines and characters. In some cases, we can reduce label sizes, providing greater versatility in your design. You can be assured your brand colors will be represented perfectly because we scientifically measure color requirements. In addition to labels, we can meet your needs for instruction sheets, manuals, reusable plastic containers, ribbons, and label printers.

We can bring you a solution that others can’t. For some customers, we can offer an alternative, lower-cost material than they are currently using without impacting quality. For one customer, we switched them from a rigid plate to a flexible label. We work to reduce your total costs and can look at all your label and product identification methods to find cost savings. If you need large quantities of labels, we can also reduce inventory costs through our vendor-managed inventory program.

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