Save Time, Money, and More with a VMI Solution for Your Bulk Labels

Is your business constantly ordering labels for its products? If so, you may benefit from ordering a larger quantity at one time. Bulk labels can save time, money, and reduce the risk of costly stockouts. But, many companies hesitate to order labels in bulk because they don’t have the ability to warehouse or manage a larger quantity. Luckily, there’s a way around this issue: vendor-managed inventory (VMI). Partnering with a manufacturer who can offer you a VMI solution can help you take advantage of bulk label benefits, without incurring additional headaches.

What is VMI?

Many businesses use VMI solutions to help avoid challenges within the manufacturing process. The manufacturer manages inventory levels at the customer’s location and is responsible for replenishing stock when needed. The manufacturer monitors the customer’s inventory levels remotely or through direct access to the customer’s inventory data. Using this information, the manufacturer knows when to start creating and shipping new products to the customer. Overall, the VMI solution aims to streamline the replenishment process, reduce stockouts, minimize inventory holding costs, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

Why Should You Order Bulk Labels?

If you’re not already ordering bulk labels, you might be wondering why you should make the switch. After all, you probably have a manufacturing process that works for you already. Why make changes? Ordering labels in bulk can actually help you benefit from a range of advantages you wouldn’t otherwise. Let’s dive into them.

Cost Savings

When you order bulk labels, you benefit from economies of scale. Larger quantities decrease the cost of each label, as the fixed costs associated with setup and production are spread out over a greater number of units. Additionally, bulk orders often qualify for volume discounts or reduced shipping costs, which further contributes to cost savings.

Time Efficiency

Ordering in bulk reduces the amount of time spent on sourcing labels for your brand. You’ll spend less time placing orders, communicating with the manufacturer, and processing payments. You can use this time to focus on tasks that help you grow your business.

Flexibility in Inventory Management

When you have a larger quantity of labels on hand, you can more strategically plan your operations. This way, you can better anticipate demand fluctuations and respond to changing market conditions.

Reduced Environmental Impact

More consumers are looking for brands to make sustainable packaging choices. Consumers across all generations are even willing to pay more for sustainable products. Ordering labels in bulk can help you reduce your environmental impact and cater to the wishes of today’s consumers.

Ordering in larger quantities reduces the need for frequent transportation, lowering carbon emissions associated with shipping. Bulk orders also involve less packaging per unit compared to smaller orders, which leads to less overall waste. You can inform your consumers about your steps toward sustainability, which can help increase brand loyalty.

Improved Supplier Relationships

Manufacturers like large, repeat orders because they’re a major asset to the manufacturer’s bottom line. Ordering in bulk can result in priority status for orders and possibly preferential pricing or terms.

A VMI Solution Can Help You Avoid Headaches

Want to explore a bulk label solution for your business? Turn to DRG Technologies. We can help you with everything from designing and manufacturing to inventory management for your labels. Through our vendor-managed and vendor-owned inventory programs, we can better understand your growth, minimize the risk of obsolescence, and more. We also offer just-in-time (JIT) and Kanban scheduling services to ensure your product is safely routed to your location. Additionally, we offer consignment manufacturing, in which we maintain a portion of your overall manufacturing supply chain in-house. With so many options at your disposal, we can help you create the optimal inventory management solution for your needs.

For over 30 years, DRG Technologies has been a leading label products and solutions manufacturer, focused on our customers’ success. Every day, our team works hard to identify industry-leading solutions to help our partner manufacturers streamline their production, reduce costs, consolidate supplier bases, and deliver better products. We’ve helped countless companies solve their labeling challenges; we’d be honored to help you, too.

Get Bulk Labels from a Leader in the Industry

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