With thousands of brands on the market competing in different product categories, every brand is keen on grabbing every semblance of opportunity that makes them shine in the market. Utilizing custom label printing services is one such way to draw customers. In today’s time, increasingly aware customers thoroughly assess and analyze every product’s label before purchasing it. With customers becoming more aware than ever, custom labels have become one of the most essential aspects of any business’ branding, advertising, and marketing strategies. With custom labels, businesses have the freedom to experiment with different designs and messaging.

Research suggests that you only get three to five seconds to grab a customer’s attention. Therefore, ensure your custom labels are well-designed and through-through to prevent your products from going unnoticed or getting shelved.

Benefits of Using Custom Label Printing for Your Products

1. Ensure Durability and High Quality

Custom labels allow you to create high-quality labels that can easily withstand extreme temperatures, snow, rain, UV exposure, abrasion, and other elements. Moreover, you can create them per your business requirements.

When creating custom labels, you can choose ink combination, label material, and adhesive you want to use, differing from product to product. This is a useful consideration for all industries but is especially important for products that need labels that last. Examples may include air conditioning units, appliances, dumpsters, pool equipment, heavy machinery, and more.

2. Enhance Customer Experience

Customers are greatly influenced by label design, especially for food products. They will look for food safety approvals, food ingredients, whether the food manufacturing and packaging is vegan, cruelty-free, and so on. Additionally, studies show that overall, label style and brand awareness have a bigger impact on customer groups than the product’s taste.

Thus, custom labels do not just identify your brand but can also establish a connection between you and your customers. Using well-thought-out custom labels is imperative to draw customers to your brand and influence their purchasing decisions.

3. Strengthen Brand Awareness

Custom labels are the most valuable branding and advertising tools. They speak to your customers directly. Using custom labels with eye-catching designs can help you improve brand recognition for both new and existing customers.

The more detailed information about the brand you give to your customers, like the directions to use, ingredient list, nutritional facts, and so on, the more likely they will trust the product, and, in turn, the brand.

Custom labels are also perfect for communicating differences between your and your competitors’ products.

4. Cast a Good First Impression on Your Customers

A custom label can become the face of your product if it manages to leave an impact on your customers. It is the first thing a customer probably notices about your product. Thus, going wrong with custom labels or overlooking them can negatively impact your product’s first impression with your customers. A label with incorrect information, typographical errors, and poor design can push your customers to your competitors quicker than you expect.

Take Advantage of Advanced Technical Labeling Solutions

Sometimes you need a more advanced label to ensure the safety of your customers and business. Creating custom labels allows you to incorporate advanced labeling solutions. While we offer simple labeling solutions for a variety of industries, we also offer more sophisticated options. DRG Technologies’ advanced labeling solutions can be fully customized to change colors upon removal, feature holograms, and more. They are uniquely designed to help you protect your customers, strengthen your brand, and safeguard your assets.

In addition, we offer a complete suite of technical label solutions across various needs, including security and authenticity, brand protection, tamper-evident labels, anti-counterfeiting, printed circuit board identification, and more.
Our custom labels come with the following characteristics:

  • A color palette that reflects your brand
  • Proper shape and size
  • A smooth finish
  • High-quality material
  • Impactful and relevant graphics
  • Consistency in label design

Trust DRG Technologies With Your Custom Label Printing

For over 30 years, DRG Technologies has been a leading custom-label products and solutions manufacturer delivering world-class supply chain solutions. As a UL-approved label supplier with extensive equipment, product solutions, and a relentless commitment to solving our customers’ greatest supply chain challenges, we’ve become the partner of choice for organizations across the U.S. and Mexico.

DRG Technologies proudly manufactures a complete portfolio of label products that meet today’s most stringent quality, safety, performance, and security standards. Our products span a variety of needs, ranging from durable label solutions to high-performance labels, specialty labels, and packaging labels.

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