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FLEXcon — a preferred DRG partner

The right labeling solution for the right application. With more than 60 years of industry experience, FLEXcon has solved the most demanding of challenges. Our team of experienced advisors work closely with strategic partners, such as DRG, to ensure customer expectations are met and exceeded.  With the widest portfolio of coated & laminated films / adhesives in the market, FLEXcon/DRG have the ideal solution for most applications — and when we don’t, we’ll customize one to meet the demands of the customer.

FLEXcon - preferred DRG partner


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FLEXcon: THERMLfilm® NEXgen Products UL Guide

See some of our UL recognized products' (MH16635) application surfaces, master widths, and availability of same day shipment.
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FLEXcon: THERMLfilm® HT for Printed Circuit Board Labeling

1 or 2 mil polyimide endures printed circuit board cleaning environments; durable thermal transfer printable topcoats.
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FLEXcon: Products for Pharmaceutical Labeling

See our pharmaceutical labeling products' film type, sterilization method, peel adhesion (oz/in), and more.
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FLEXcon: Products for Package Decoration

Featuring V-01 Permanent Acrylic Adhesive, optiFLEX® products, THINflex® products, and more.
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FLEXcon: Medical Device Labeling Solutions

FLEXcon® MedFLEX®: Meet the FDA’s new requirements for Unique Device Identification (UDI).
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FLEXcon: Bonding & Mounting Guide

Our FLEXmount® acrylic adhesives and FLEXcon SA Series of silicone adhesives offer solutions for a variety of application challenges.