Marijuana has long been a centerpiece of controversies over its legal status, on which the public has just as long been standing divided. While the psychoactive element of the drug used to rapt it in infamy, it also has proven medicinal benefits. The consequence of marijuana’s illegality being contested over its therapeutic usefulness grounds is a victory with the recent legalization of marijuana in half of the U.S. states. Despite its legalization across many states in the U.S., the federal government lists marijuana as a controlled substance. This burdened the label and packaging companies with the responsibility to comply with the stringent FDA guidelines regarding marijuana labels. The guidelines differ from state to state, and packaging companies must be up to speed with the rules of both the locations where it operates and delivers their products. Violating the requirements can lead to legal trouble in the form ranging from fines to even license cancellation.

While the importance of marijuana labels and packaging design has been well established by now, let us delve a bit deeper into it.

The Importance of Marijuana Labels and Packaging Design

Besides the legal aspects of packaging, there is also a marketing aspect to it that explains why sophisticated, informative, and trendy packaging is important to reach your target audience. The current global marijuana market is worth over $13 billion worldwide and is expected to become a $57 billion industry by 2027. After the legalization of marijuana, packaging companies are witnessing a 55% spike in design projects for marijuana products.

Additionally, the labeling and packaging of marijuana products can go a long way in destigmatizing them. Dispelling old stereotypes and negative connotations in favor of factual information will impact not only public perception but also your image. Proper labeling and packaging are also crucial for trademark and copyright information purposes.

Top Current Trends for Marijuana Labeling and Packaging

Let us walk you through some up-to-the-minute tips on marijuana labeling and packaging to help you drive more sales.

Use Custom Packaging and Labels

Plain labels, jars, or pre-rolls are passé. Research shows that 60% of consumers are more likely to be attracted to custom packaging as it reflects good and trustworthy service. It is more likely to catch customer attention from among a plethora of similar products by your competitors.

Since it is a marijuana product, it is natural that the packaging of most rival products will have the depiction of the same-old bright green cannabis leaves on them. How your packaging stands out from them is what determines that you are at the top of your game.

Consider Taking the Sustainable Packaging Route

A growing number of people are becoming planet conscious and holding big companies accountable for their operations and CSR policies. Companies can no longer get away with exploiting natural resources and causing harm to the environment. NGOs, media, and citizens demand that companies level up their sustainability.

Using eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials and advertising them on your packaging could help you gain more sales and brand awareness and also improve your brand image, all while conserving the planet.

Ensure Your Packaging and Labels Comply with Legal Requirements

There is a wide variety of regulations when it comes to marijuana labels and packaging. They differ from state to state, which you should be familiar with — and also consult your legal team — before deciding on the final product. You should be careful with the labeling and packaging of marijuana products, as the slightest detail gone amiss can lead to exorbitant legal penalties or even cancellation of licensure.

Some key elements of marijuana packaging are:

  • Product name and identity
  • Net weight or volume
  • Marijuana strain name
  • Date tested
  • Lab name and test number confirmation
  • CBD percentage
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) percentage
  • FDA disclaimer (for CBD)
  • Patient and physician information
  • Active ingredients
  • Manufacturer information
  • Testing information (i.e., if the product came into contact with any kind of pesticide, insecticide, or other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids)
  • License/registration number
  • Warnings
  • Child-resistant labeling
  • Supplement and Nutrition Facts

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