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Prototype to production

Print equipment to meet your requirements

Having a variety of printing capabilities not only provides manufacturers and maquiladoras with prototype-to-production ability, but it provides flexibility in the way your solution is run. Not all equipment is made equally, nor is every piece of machinery the best fit for the job at hand. With DRG’s variety of options, we assure our clients a competitive price and strategic recommendations on the right printing technology for your needs.

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Print equipment to meet your requirements
Erick Frias
Key Account Manager
Juarez, Mexico
"We strive to provide our customers with cost savings by offering much newer materials than what's generally available in our industry."
The quantities and qualities you need

Low volume, high volume, photo quality — we'll meet your needs

screen print

Screen Print

Choose this method if you need:

  • High-luster durable labels that can withstand weather
  • Durability (includes heavy/metered ink laydown)
  • Specialty label constructions


Choose this method if you need:

  • Short runs (quick setup and web path)
  • Fine detail (easily captured with inks and plates)
  • Specialty constructions (durable portfolio)


Choose this method if you need:

  • The latest Servo technologies (auto registration, print tolerances, etc.)
  • Large volumes of product quickly
  • Photo-quality durable graphics, process printing, or specific brand colors
digital printing


Choose this method if you need:

  • Short runs or one-time orders
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Versatile materials (label stock, cardboard boxes, etc.) and versatile formats (sizes, materials, colors, graphics, etc.)
offset printing


Choose this method if you need:

  • Printed brochures, catalogs, instruction sheets, and most paper products
  • Very good registration qualities
  • High-resolution full color print with great image reproduction quality