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Some organizations focus on tenure — how long their folks have been "doing the job." At DRG, we focus on being the best we can be for our customers. Whether that's a 41-year label veteran or a new hire trying to prove themselves, we all hold ourselves to the DRG standard. We’re proud of the outstanding, bi-lingual customer service that we provide.

Ricardo Holguin
Juarez Mexico
“I work with great people every day at DRG.”

Company history

More than 40 years ago, Doug Riley began Lancer Label, a business that provided fast turnaround in quick-print items. After identifying this business trend in complex and durable identification needs, Doug then purchased Arizona-based Impressive Labels in 1990.

Impressive grew, launching both the SuperFast Label Service and the Hellolabels.com business line. The 2003 transition to DRG Technologies — today's ISO 9001:2015-certified organization offering world-class identification solutions — was a natural progression for this innovative company. To better service our clients, in 2004 DRG began establishing local service and fulfillment in Mexico.

Today, we serve as product engineering consultants to best address our clients’ widespread needs.

Our Leadership Team

Douglas Riley, DRG chairman
Douglas Riley
Chairman Emeritus
Daren Riley, DRG CEO
Daren Riley
Chairman & CEO
Roger Popovec, DRG President
Roger Popovec
Paul Forsythe, DRG
Paul Forsythe
Tim Taylor, DRG
Tim Taylor
EVP / General Manager
Heather Cochran, DRG
Heather Cochran
VP Customer Experience

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Our growth over the years can be attributed to DRG's outstanding people. More than 40% of our employees have been with us for 10+ years. Learn more about working at DRG and apply today.

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