Supply Chain Scalability

scale to production quantities with DRG

Quickly scale to production quantities

Manufacturers and maquiladoras today need suppliers that can:

  • Scale with their ever-changing needs
  • Assist in launching new product initiatives (NPI)
  • Support changes on demand

Knowing you have that level of support and capabilities provides your organization with the ability to take your solution from prototype to production.

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Prototype to Production (P2P)

Your organization may have several NPI projects throughout the year. As your supplier, DRG will:

  • Work with your engineers to identify the most cost-effective strategies
  • Evaluate options, discuss scenarios, and develop prototype plans
  • Quickly scale to production quantities
  • Meet market demand and organizational timelines

Prototype to production is at the core of what makes DRG your premier supply chain partner.

Prototype to Production (P2P)