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Creating world-class supply chains

As your organization seeks to be competitive in the marketplace, it will want to focus on creating a world-class supply chain organization. This means the need for supplier flexibility, delivering on time, and ability to provide multiple commodity bucket solutions will be critical.

Partnering with an organization that can produce 100 samples and then create 1M production pieces is a competitive advantage that eludes many sourcing organizations. In addition, having this supplier located near or on-site takes your capabilities to the next level with Kanban, VMI, and Just in Time (JIT) services.

Production Samples
creating world-class supply chains
Production Pieces
Managed services

DRG's capabilities

scalability with DRG


How does printing technology take you from prototype to production? Start with samples and scale quickly.

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fulfillment and logistics

Fulfillment & Logistics

Local 3PL services with local representation can create a unique competitive advantage. VMI, Kanban, and fulfillment services take your supply chain to the next level.

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supplier consolidation with DRG

Supplier Consolidation

Reduce the number of suppliers you work with while increasing productivity, reducing acquisition costs, and strengthening your supplier relationships....

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Benefits of low inventories vs. high inventories for you


Lower inventory obsolescence


Free up working capital


Free up floor space