A Fortune 100 company operating a Maquiladora needed to consolidate multiple print vendors located in the Northeast and Midwest of the US, thousands of miles from the border. Their current situation required them to carry extremely large amounts of inventory to avoid supply interruptions associated with lengthy border crossings. The desired solution was to find a “local” vendor.


Through DRG’s diverse printing capabilities, we were able to offer a product consolidation solution to provide all their printing needs including; flexographic, screen print continuous and sheet, pressure sensitive and card/tag. Just as important we created a “fulfillment” solution that provided “local” (in-country) product availability. DRG established warehousing and offices to provide local customer service support.

Working together DRG established a vendor owned and managed inventory that utilized the client’s MRP system to manage. With the solution provided, our client was able to implement a Kanban program accomplishing just-in-time delivery of products, allowing them to significantly reduce inventories and improve cash flow.