A large wire harness contract manufacturing maquilla needed to provide options to their clients due to very expensive name brand self-laminating wire markers from Brady Corporation. They also needed much better local support from their supplier, who had not taken interest in retaining the business that the Maquilla felt the account called for.



  • Partnered with one of our trusted suppliers to create a more cost-effective self-laminating wire marker that outperformed the current Brady solution
  • Assigned a seasoned Key Account Manager to find more cost-savings opportunities and show the maquilla the attention it deserved.
  • Helped the client find the right materials, qualify their acceptance, and verify that the wire markers successfully ran through their thermal transfer printer

Product Spec

Self Laminating wire markers in a variety of sizes.

Teams Involved

The maquilla’s sourcing, purchasing, and operations teams partnered with several layers of DRG professionals.

Client Feedback

“We found significant per labels cost savings that we were able to share with our clients. The savings was jaw dropping & the current support we receive is unparalleled. We are now working on implementing DRG’s managed services to support our continuous improvement efforts.”