Specialty Labels

Specialty label distributors

RPCs, domed, circuit board ID, and more

All labels are not made alike, nor are all suppliers. DRG maintains significant inventories, which gives you versatility and flexibility in your supply chain. We also provide field support to assure the right label is used successfully for your project — whether that's paper, film, RPC, or any other kind of "specialty" label.

RPCs, domed, wire ID, and more specialty labels
Labels for brand name products

DRG's specialty label capabilities

RPC labeling

RPC labeling

All of DRG’s label offerings are approved by IFCO, Tosca, and more. DRG can provide formatted templates for printers, software, and the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI).

These labels are completely dissolvable in the wash process. This helps you eliminate laborious scraping, plus costly loss of RPCs due to permanent label melding.

domed labels


Domed labels sport a high-end look and offer long-lasting durability. They’re a great option if you need a label that makes your company logo stand out.

Wire Identification labels

Circuit Board Identification

Ideal for identification of circuit boards where high temperatures and aggressive cleaning solutions are used.  Sometimes referred to as Capton or Polyimide labels. Great cost-saving options when using name brand products like Brady & Identco.

bumper stickers

Bumper stickers

Visible advertising on any vehicle with weather-resistant vinyl.

With collaborative planning and our local fulfillment capabilities, we can meet your printing and packaging supply chain demands.
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