Performance Labels

reliable in extreme conditions

Performance labels, ribbons & printers for all environments

Labels, ribbons and thermal transfer printers help top performing products stand out. That's why DRG performance labels also stand out. These labels withstand harsh environments and perform in ways that exceed the expectations of our clients. Cost-effective and reliable, DRG can address all performance labeling needs by providing the correct combination of labels, ribbons and printers.

Labels + Ribbons
Performance labels for all environments
THERMAL Transfer
printing & tracing options

DRG's turnkey solutions

variable thermal printing

Thermal Transfer (THT) printing

DRG provides clients with a complete turnkey solutions for in-plant thermal imprinting:

  • Printers and ribbons
  • Print media (blank & semi-preprinted labels)
  • Label Making Software
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Kitting of these components

We can also perform in-plant evaluations to determine the most efficient uses for these approaches.

Thermal transfer printing ribbons

Thermal transfer printing ribbons

Do you use name brand ribbons from Brady or Identco? Take our "Price your ribbon” challenge —if we don't beat the competition’s price, we'll send you a gift card of your choice, hand-delivered by one of our reps.

Ribbon options include resin, wax, and wax resin.

Circuit Board ID

Circuit Board ID

For tracing purposes, these labels must withstand extreme conditions and be reliable. DRG supplies a variety of high-performance, printable circuit board labels to suit your needs.

Composite labeling


Composite labeling is used for soups, sauces, most candy and snack foods, condiments, desserts (like pudding and ice cream), and many other foods. You can list all of the ingredients in a product, beginning with the one that weighs the most, and ending with the one that weighs the least.

With collaborative planning and our local fulfillment capabilities, we can meet your printing and packaging supply chain demands.
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