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Durable label manufacturer

As a durable label manufacturer, our broad range of pressure sensitive products include:

  • agency approvals/identification
  • indoor/outdoor durable
  • performance applications
  • secondary and primary packaging labels
  • specialty items (promotional, customized security, etc.)

Complementing our face stock and print capabilities, DRG has one of the most expansive UL/CSA component labeling portfolios in the industry.

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Durable label manufacturer
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DRG's pressure-sensitive products

agency labels


Meets the strict guidelines on UL compliance requirements. Additional imprinting with UL-approved kitted ribbon provides customization level on site. UV Flexo printed film with durable adhesive meeting UL/CSA requirements for the surface for the specific application.

instruction/warning labels


Providing the consumer-required information on how equipment is to be operated or used. UV Flexo printed film face stock with adhesive to withstand elements and remain durable.

logos and branding


Your brand is extremely important. DRG's printing capabilities can create the visual style you’ll be proud of when customers see your logo on your equipment.

model or serial number labels

Model / Serial Number

Service your client quickly with a reliable model/serial no. label. Printed in a variety of ways, DRG can organize the information and produce counts per your specs.



Providing branding, durability and logo presence all in one. Embossed U.V. Screen print on heavy brushed silver polyester with high performance adhesive.



Create a visual representation of the elements of your product with a reliable and compliant schematic.

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