Supply Chain Solutions

DRG Supply Chain Solutions

DRG’s expertise in providing fulfillment services starts with our people. Bi-lingual and highly experienced at the transaction level, we assure your products are there when you want and need them.

Fulfillment begins with visibility to our Client’s demand. Our expertise in managing schedule through direct EDI interface or simply electronic visibility to Client’s MRP allows us to create intelligent fulfillment programs tailored to our Client’s needs.

DRG creates Vendor Managed and Vendor Owned Inventory (VMI/VOI) programs that make sure your products are there when you need them. By interfacing with Client’s demand scheduling we are able to manage those inventories to minimize risk of obsolescence and their associated costs.

DRG provides local warehousing and Client support staff. With manufacturing in Safford, AZ USA and locations in Juarez, Chihuahua, Nogales and Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, MX Client’s products through our VMI/VOI programs are “locally” available. Because of this we can provide J.I.T. programs that significantly reduce our Client’s inventories. Your products are on our Balance Sheet, not yours, which improves your cash flows.

Let us demonstrate how our expertise in managing your products to “point of use” can create value for you.

DRG Locations

DRG Locations

Safford - Manufacturing

Safford - Manufacturing

Nogales - Sales and Warehousing

Nogales - Sales & Warehousing

Juarez - Sales and Warehousing

Juarez - Sales & Warehousing

Obregon - Warehousing

Obregon - Warehousing

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Address: 300 East 4th Street
Safford, AZ 85546-2025