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DRG takes sustainability seriously

At DRG, we inspire a culture of sustainability awareness through leadership, education, support, and advocacy to help our organization reduce its impact on the planet. We know the importance of being responsible stewards of our planet’s finite resources.

Sustainability requires knowledge sharing and discussion. DRG seeks to collaborate with other organizations in the industry to learn and execute a world-class sustainability management system.

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DRG takes sustainability seriously
Daren Riley, CEO of DRG
Daren Riley
Chairman & CEO
Safford, az
"We continuously look for more ways to improve our sustainability by reducing energy consumption and waste."
Sustainability steps DRG has already taken
moving toward paperless

Sustainability steps DRG has already taken

DRG leadership is working to implement an environmental management system designed specifically for label manufacturing. Here's what we've done so far:

  • Launched new ERP system, which will dramatically reduce paper consumption and move us toward a paperless work environment.
  • Replaced 1,500 florescent lamps with energy-efficient LEDs. This is equivalent to taking 22 homes off the grid!
  • Replaced a single-stage air compressor with a variable frequency air compressor that led to energy reduction.
  • Installed light occupancy sensors throughout buildings to improve energy efficiency.
  • Establishing a sustainability committee.