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DRG Technologies Embraces Six Sigma Black Belt Culture

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LED Lighting

Safford, Arizona, USA (21 March 2017)

DRG Technologies is continuing to show that it is serious about driving continuous improvement by hiring its first Certified Six Sigma Black Belt leader.

DRG hired a proven Six Sigma leader, Jeremy Hefner. As DRG’s Director of Continuous Improvement, Jeremy brings many years of utilizing Six Sigma practices to drive process improvement. The Six Sigma process seeks to improve the quality of the output of a process by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes.

DRG Technologies makes companies look great by providing exceptional service, fulfillment, and consultation for labels and tags. Over the last 30 years, DRG has become one of the largest durable label providers in North America, and is a leader in UL label certification.

“We are in a very competitive business and for us to remain competitive we need to continue to embrace change. By hiring Jeremy, a Six Sigma Black Belt leader, we bring even greater emphasis to our commitment to continuous improvement“, said DRG Technologies' CEO, Daren Riley.

Press Release

DRG Technologies Upgrades Facility in Safford, AZ to Energy Efficient, LED Lighting

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LED Lighting

Safford, Arizona, USA (6 July 2016)

DRG Technologies has taken a major step toward energy sustainability by outfitting its manufacturing facility and headquarters with LED lighting. The project has a two-year return on investment and results in an annual reduction in energy use significant enough to power 22 homes for a year.

The scope of the project included the company's manufacturing and administrative space. In total, DRG replaced 1,500 florescent lamps with energy efficient LEDs.

DRG Technologies is an expert solutions provider for UL and CSA product identification labels that add value and deliver unparalleled service to our clients.

“The higher quality of light, lower maintenance, and quick payback made this project a great fiscal and eco-friendly move“, said DRG Technologies' Executive VP and General Manager, Tim Taylor.

Press Release

DRG Technologies Invests in Second Performance Series Press

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Additional capability and capacity supports new business opportunities

Mark Andy P7 Press

St. Louis, Missouri, USA (13 January 2015)

DRG Technologies, a leader in providing high-end, innovative product identification solutions, has invested in its second Mark Andy Performance Series P7 press to enhance capabilities and capacity, bringing new market opportunities to the more than 30 year strong business based out of Safford, Arizona.

Since installation of their first Performance Series P7 in 2012, DRG Technologies has been keeping the press busy running three shifts a day and producing a variety of pressure sensitive labels and insert cards. The quick change capabilities of the Performance Series have been a distinct advantage when running these multiple SKU products, allowing them to plan and manage jobs based on client demand. The positive experience with the Performance Series press, combined with an interest in pursuing new markets, fueled DRG's interest in acquiring an additional press to further expand their operation.

In 2014, DRG did just that, investing in a second Performance Series P7 for their pressroom. The 13 inch press, recently installed, has already begun production of a variety of prime labels and pressure sensitive film labels. Both presses are equipped with rail-mounted web turn bars, allowing DRG more application flexibility including extended content and back-side printing, as well as additional decoration capabilities for higher-end labels and packaging. The speed in which the P7 presses set up and run, and the minimal material waste created, allow DRG to be a low cost, extremely competitive provider in the markets they serve.

The ease of operation allows each press to be made-ready and run by a single operator, supported by a strong pre-press support team assisting in the offline set up of subsequent jobs, increasing press productivity. DRG has been extremely impressed with the quality of the product coming off the presses with all products meeting or exceeding applicable government and quality regulations.

“The acquisition of the second P7 and the opportunity to create a dedicated 'cell' approach allow DRG to offer our clients 'best in class' flexographic product manufacturing. Quality and competitiveness is unsurpassed”, says Paul Forsythe, President/COO of DRG Technologies.

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